Container opening in November 2015

Ali Slotemaker

Most of you probably know that we are opening second outlet in Mapua later this year.  We have really grown up from our beginnings of serving 'coffee in a paddock' back in 2013 to a brand new building smack in the middle of Mapua Wharf.  This is a huge leap of faith for us and there is mountain of work ahead, however, we couldn't be more excited to get the opportunity to have a real shop all year round. You can now buy our coffee beans online.

We didn't quite know if we had the man power to do the container plus the new shop at Mapua this year, but we can now confirm plans are in place to open the container aka 'coffee in a paddock' in early November 2015.  We love the simplicity of serving up delicious coffee surrounded by open space and green grass.  Not doing the container really wasn't an option at all.

We hope to see at both Mapua and the container over the summer.

From Ali

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