Personal roasting services by coffee professionals who care. 

Whats does "personal roasting services" mean?

We aim to put the personal back into coffee roasting, meaning you have direct access to the people sourcing & roasting your coffee.

We are located on the picturesque Mapua Wharf, about 40 minutes drive from Nelson, New Zealand.  

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Roasting, beans, & ethical values 

We offer a range of carefully blended & single origin coffee beans roasted at Mapua Wharf.  As with any good coffee roaster, we purchase green beans seasonally, meaning blends change slightly, single origins are here and then gone & from time to time a bean or blend is unavailable. This is a good thing.  

Rabbit Island Coffee Co. supports all initiatives that work towards a fair and equitable exchange between coffee seller & coffee buyer. We are humbled by the commitment & work carried out by coffee farmers all over the world, who bring us truly amazing coffees each and every year.  

We take great pride in knowing the coffees we purchase, all of the highest quality, been fairly traded & the coffee farmer has been rewarded for an outstanding product. We believe the growth of the micro-roasting movement has been monumental in bringing about positive change in the green coffee market. Our goal is to establish a long standing direct-trade relationship with coffee produces in PNG ensuring the best possible returns for their produce.

Our coffee is carefully roasted in small batches on a 12 kg Diedrich coffee roaster.  We aim to bring out the best in every bean by showing off its unique character and not overshadowing it with dark roasty flavours.

We challenge you to test our knowledge, make us grow & make us better; all for the benefit for specialty coffee. We love what we do and happily share it with you. We believe there are no secrets in coffee and knowledge is power – power for positive change.

If you want to get in touch please email Ali & Stephen at or telephone +64(0)2108373933.

We hope to see you soon.