As a local business we are always looking for ways Rabbit Island Coffee Co. can integrate into the community for the greater good. And as a consumer it is an extra good feeling when you know your purchase form a local business is going that bit further.

Renee Hollis - Book Sponsorship 

It just seemed right to team up with Renee when I heard about her traveling around New Zealand on a quest to record the lives and stories of our eldest citizens. I remember been extremely touched by what she was doing.  I really felt like she was making a personal sacrifice to capture moments in history that were slipping away from us as society.  I also have a grandfather is his 90’s so Renee’s mission was close to home.

Renee was on a shoestring budget during her travels and is now self funding the writing of her book which is estimated to take 12 months or more.

For every 1 kg of coffee sold (or part there of) Rabbit Island Coffee Co. will donate $1 to Renee.

1 Kg = $1.00 /  500 g = 50 c  /  250 g = 25 c

The idea behind a $1 a kilo is that we get to promote Renee’s book with each sale and she can promote us back creating a win/win outcome.  Lump sum donations are finite, but a donation from each sale is much more sustainable. 

Obviously the more coffee we sell the better outcome for everyone.  We think the coffee is delicious, so there should be no problem is drinking lots and lots.

If you are a cafe or business we can also do the same $1 deal for Renee on wholesale coffee orders, anywhere in New Zealand!

Here are some links to more about Renee and her book.  Many thanks for being here and reading this far.  

Nelson author looking for publisher of New Zealand's 100-year-old oral history book

Author travels the country to interview as many 100-year-olds to share their stories


Renee Hollis book sponsorship Rabbit Island Coffee Co 2018

Renee Hollis, kneeling, with four of the people she interviewed and photographed for her book at Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village in Nelson.  Photo credit Marion Van Dijk from